..Mountains and Rivers…

You made it past the hurdle. Relief is one of those unequalled life experiences.

You’ve jumped over roadblocks, scaled mountains never to look back : what a refreshing feeling!

You’ve made it onto solid ground on the plain placing the mountain behind you…but guess what? Now you have rivers to cross! A different beast but a beast none the less. It seems that life throws curve balls everywhere we turn. Always one more river to cross.

This is the view of the pessimist. The basket is never empty.

Welcome to your life.

Who was it that said this would be easy? I have not read anywhere or gathered any knowledge along my journey stating that life is an easy road. When you find that piece of knowledge, please be sure to forward it so I can share it with the masses.

I’ve realized that the true test of character is how to stay and cope. After all, aren’t we in it to win it? I welcome challenges. This journey is a learning curve and the faster we adapt and move to the next phase is the better things we be. The majority of our moments will be happy when we shorten the ones through which we struggle. You’ve made it thus far so what is the big deal about crossing rivers? As in January’s post, sooner or later, one way or another, everything ends. Something else begins and lessons are learned.

Shorten that learning curve. Adapt.

So now I welcome challenges. I have overcome so many hurdles and crossed so many mountains that I’m anxious now to wade in the water. My life is built on experiences and at this point I am ready for anything. I have learned how to take on challenges head on with a minimized level of fear.

Even though there is one more river to cross, today I have one less mountain to climb. I’m pausing and celebrating the little triumphs.

Nina Simone said it best and we should say it every day:

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…and I’m feeling good

High Risk/ High Reward

In my tennis practice sessions I’ve been working on flattening out cross court incoming shots into down the line winners off both wings. This shot is a high risk shot because it:

1. Opposes the natural direction of the ball
2. Is more difficult to execute than a regular shot
3. Can force you to make errors ( the bane of any player)

On the flip side this shot is high reward because:

1. It is Unexpected
2. It changes the pace
4. It puts you in an offensive position
3. When executed correctly, can be a lethal winner.

Rather than playing the high percentages ( easier to execute but less effective shots ) I tend to go for the low percentage ( harder to execute but lethal when done correctly)

In life there are things that are high risk high reward. When you continue to play the way you are expected, in tennis and in life, you become boring, mundane and predictable. Continue along this path and you lose a sense of achievement.

What are you really achieving if you keep doing the same things and getting the same results?

Wouldn’t it be rewarding if you knew you took a chance, gambled on life and actually won?

Of course, all risks should be taken in the calculated fashion of weighing the pros and cons. Like all decisions, timing can sometimes be everything. Im definitely not going for a low percentage shot at 0-40 down and I’m not quitting my job when I am 3 months behind in my mortgage.

If you wallow in self doubt you will never take that leap of faith. We are so much more than we lead ourselves to believe and we learn this by reaping the high rewards of a risk shot.

Every inspirational story has the common thread of high risk chances. How many success stories involve quitting your day job and following your bliss? Investing your money in a startup that could fail, but could also become the next Facebook or Twitter? This is definitely high risk. You leave a stable income and gamble on the very essence of survival. Ultimately though, you may reap the ultimate high reward.

As we move through our lives, ask ourselves am I walking too much on easy street? Am I just getting by on the basics? I am simply just complacent where I am? Should I take a chance to stop existing and really start living?

All of us can be so much more than we think we are….but it will take some high risk decisions to get where we really need to be.