Face Your Fears (like you had a choice anyway)

So I’m blogging from the waiting room just before they undress me and cut me open. I love my IPhone. It facilitates reality blogging. I hate hospitals but somehow this doesn’t seem like one. Internet Kiosks, Starbucks the Maury Povich show, latest issues of magazines a cute Jamaican receptionist that gives me true Jamaica labrish ( that’s just plain Jamaican talk for those who don’t know). So things really aren’t that bad here.it’s almost like a mini-vacation and since I just came back from Key West I will just file this under the same category

So it’s been 2 hours and the procedure went perfectly well . I have to lay still for 2 hours do here I an reality blogging again. So I faced yet another fear and it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would’ve been. So here we are with another lesson learned .

Face you fears.

Things are never as bad as we predict them to be. Certainly things can be bad but we are predisposed to make them worse. We just need to accept things for what they are and then deal with them the best way we can. Some things can’t be swept under the carpet…….I mean what if you have parquet floors or tiles?(who does carpet these days anyway?)

Might as well just face the music while you can.

I share with you two poems. Willoughby Lake and Gunstock. These poems represent 2 different vacations. Gunstock is the name of the Ski Resort I went to last Christmas, and Willoughby Lake is the resort in Vermont that I went to this Summer. Two very different locations, two very different experiences.



Sway in

claim your space

white frames white



Past burrows

Make new trails

in my mind


Angel in snow

Wings outstretched

Do not catch my fall

lift me instead



I feel at home

Around corners


Through the brownest eye

You are always

in season

Willoughby Lake


The trails were different

Time paved other paths

I feel



Ancient waters creep

Where the hills kiss the sky

I stay frozen in the heat

Streamline my existence

Flow towards some great ocean


I had almost forgotten

What peace there is in silence

Where your breath

Provides the soundtrack

Cascading with my heart’s beat


Floating atop great fathoms

Side by side

Looking left

Turning the right way

Ending where we began

At the gardens of the path of life.

I share these two poems together because they are both based on the same foundation of love. They contrast each other yet are similar. There are a lot of hidden sybolisms here which would take too much time to explain, but it is up to you to interpret the poems as you see fit.


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