New Years E:volution

While everyone is working on resolutions and reflecting on 2008 with much regret for what they never accomplished I will be celebrating successes and moving forward with my life. I always break my resolutions within a week or two because they are always contrived and unreasonable. Essentially I have never really had realistic new years resolutions  but  this year I feel as though I am at a turning point in my life so I’m about to embark on new and needful things. I don’t have the basic vices (quit smoking etc) and frankly, resolutions need to be much deeper. They need to involve some sort of paradigm shift.

This year instead of things that I should stop doing I will be making a list of stop start continue and resume. There are things that I need to stop doing, things that I need to start doing and things that I need to continue doing. In the mix are things that I need resume doing.

So for 2009 I will be completing my new years E:volution list.

The lexicon lists evolution as:

A process by which something passes by degrees to a different stage ( especially to a better and more mature state of being. )

Volution: A turn or twist about a center; A rolling or revolving motion.

This definition is quite apt. Evolution is gradual and doesn’t involve overnight successes. Evolution is a process. The end result is growth. It’s not only moving away from things but also moving towards something else. You must move towards. It the midst of this transformation one must always maintain one’s core…one’s center…one’s fundamental state of being. Though things fall apart, the center MUST hold.

Let us hope that we do not spend another year in limbo.

Another Year in Limbo

Remind me, oh sweet weary life,

That you are still worth living

Assure me that the thief of time

Will deliver me from pathos

Disguise me as I marinate in this labyrinthine aura

Ignore me, while I dress in black

And mourn my fading faith

No hope of harvesting flowers from this shallow grave

While twilight engulfs the atmosphere

I cannot discern if night is becoming,

Or morning breaks new ground

My head held low in palms outstretched

My sentence now delivered

Another year to wax melodramatic

The eve of my undoing

I resign myself to chipping along

As the puppet master flickers

Assure me, Oh sweet weary life

This Limbo soon will end


4 thoughts on “New Years E:volution

  1. Let the Evolution begin. I think the tricky part about this time of the year is that people set all these goals that are usually unrealistic to begin with. They usually dont plan either which makes it worst. Thanx for walking past the cliches and putting the New year in another perspective.

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