Why wait to exhale?

Its Sunday the official beginning of the week. I’m having lunch at the Chinese restaurant and reflecting on my day so far. I got up, grabbed some hot chocolate on my way to the train, read a few pages of the Pulitzer prize winning and all so engrossing “the brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao” on the train while listening to coldplay. In 15 minutes I was at work. My train ride is much too short and I can read all of 10 pages before it’s over ( its no wonder i can never finish these books on time)

Another typical Sunday of tedious operational procedures and watching the clock.

So it’s 5 and alas I’m at the bar at the intercontinental an 49th having a cosmo while I wait for my friend to get off work. We will probably head to another bar and have another drink. (it’s wonderful to be able to drink again) then maybe catch a bite to eat, a movie ( by then it will be too late for a Broadway show)

A typical Sunday catching up with an old friend and doing nothing of any great importance. In a city like New York we all need days like this. Tomorrow will be different but tonight All Is Well With The World. Why wait to exhale?

Night swallows cruel light
I move more comfortably
Beside the moon
above 49th street

I swing into existence
Bound only by the hours
celebrating the space I am in

Dark shadows conceal
What eyes cannot hide

Memories elevate me
Force remembrance
yesterday’s different space
Framed by today’s time

I am present
all is well in the world


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