Find Your Bliss

I had lunch with a friend last week and I tried to probe her to see If she had some sort of meaning or purpose to her existence . I probed  to find what drives her and what her passion is. After much probing we discovered that she does in fact have a passion for design bit did not value this very much. She thought it was a boring interest and didn’t see any sense of achievement in the fact that she designed a dress that was being custom made. I encouraged her to make use of her spare time to develop these talents.

It was then that I realized that I was paying something forward. Though I was less reticent I was probed and encouraged to develop my talent and find my bliss.

this is a work in progress for all of us and it makes us more complete.

No matter how mundane or trivial you  passions are, they are yours. You own them and can take them as far as you will let them. I think I’ve written that we are our harshest critics and until we can get past the self doubting shyness we will remain stuck.

I am urging you to find something anything that drives you and develop it.

Finally, a goodbye

I am not angry,


I no longer fight spirits

My eyes cannot see.

I give up believing,

That I left you to the wolves.

I know I did not conjure

The design of your exit

You left me

With ideas of how to love.

Tides turn

love evaporates

My demise

A platform for lessons learned

During hard and poignant eras

I loathed you.

But when you loved me

In spite of what I had become

I saw the beauty of being alive

And finally,

Without tears

I can finally say,


Sometimes it’s more important to know what you can live without. This is the first step to simplyfying our lives. If we are truly going to clear away the clutter this is the first place to begin. What’s more important is to learn to start where you are… Wherever you are.


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