Stay and Cope

Everything we do is a work in progress.

We strive for perfection but can never quite attain it. We can only hope to come so close to it that we assume its state. There are lessons in everything and unfortunately there are lessons we continue to refuse to learn.

We must learn these lessons and move on to the next one. Only then can we escape the Samara.


The cycle of repeated birth and death that individuals undergo until they attain nirvana. The cycle, like the universe, is believed to have no beginning or end and individuals transmigrate from one existence to the next in accordance with their karma or moral conduct. Blinded by the three roots of evil, namely greed, hatred, and delusion, beings are said to wander in samsara until such time as they are fortunate enough to hear the Dharma and put it into practice.)

With every failure we learn. We didn’t get project we bid so hard for so we must go back to the drawing board and revamp our proposal. This is not failure, this is just a lesson so that we can learn to be better and strive towards perfection.

We  keep failing at relationships. Every  new relationship ends because something was wrong with the previous person. Something cannot be wrong with everyone. The only common denominator in these relationships is you! So you need to first work at your own self and bring something different to the table. You need to learn to stay and cope because none of us are perfect. We can only keep learning one mistake after the next until we eventually get it right.

Bob Marley said you keep running away but you cannot run away from yourself.

Love and life bring  hard lessons and we must evolve so as not to be left behind.

The lesson

Each day we cut new roads
learn more of each other
Teach hard lessons
About ourselves

This is how we grow

Each time we fall
I rise to higher ground
Falling deeper into you

It is hard to not always
paint pretty pictures
Harder to see the spaces
Stare back at us

We sometimes suffer
The path is not always clear
Still we learn
Continue to move
In mysterious ways

Still I seek the solace
Of your hand in mine
Find comfort in roads
That may come


2 thoughts on “Stay and Cope

  1. Kevin….this is less a comment on this post than a comment on (a) the fact of the blogging and (b) the posts as a whole. Let’s just say I love it…simple and plain. I enjoy what it reveals about you. I enjoy the perspectives, most of which I find are quite relevant in different ways to me and my life…chief of which is the fact that I damn well need to resume my own goddamn blog….more anon. But I’m making baby steps to putting stuff on track….will let you know when it resumes. Keep it up…I will be tuning in.

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