Remove the Mask

It is difficult sometimes to reveal ourselves even though we are a lot more transparent than we think we are. The reality is that things look different from the outside looking in.

Though we must be careful not to wear the emperors new clothes, our hearts on our virtual sleeves, sometimes it is okay to be revealed,

It is ok to be vulnerable sometimes.

Sometimes we must remove the mask and bare our ugly faces because once we are able to smile, then our beauty is revealed. No one can see your smile behind a mask.

I read the cliché that a problem shared is a problem halved. I’ve proven this to be true because sometimes it takes a pair of fresh eyes to see what is already in front of our faces. We all could use some help every now and then and it doesn’t mean that we are weak.

It doesn’t mean that we are needy.

It simply means that we are human.

Let us strive to share more of ourselves as we make our way through this world.  After all, we are here together in this moment. All this cannot just be random? We are here together for a reason.

Sanctified (for Michael)


Night brings new habits for an old man

Spaces eat spaces

Beyond morning’s shade

Iscariot to his name

He reaps rotting fruit

Sinks deeper

Digging still

Reaching for Orion

Through webbed fingers

Drowned in purpose

Accidental angels

Spin blessings

He breaks free from the cocoon

Flies towards peace

I wrote this for my friend who “disappeared” a few years ago (I don’t think he is coming back). Some of us have disappeared even though we are still here.

Remove the mask and reach out before you disappear completely.


One thought on “Remove the Mask

  1. Kevin…another fierce idiom fraught with fighting the frightening mask that needs to be removed!

    You said it best in this blog-o-log and while some might have disappeared (whether here or forever), you and your words will remain stapled in this tapestry that I like to call “poetry in motion~~riding waves that extend deep in the ocean”

    RIP M2…and hopefully wherever you are, your mask is not with you…it has since disappeared!!!

    – Da Gov

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