The Power of No

I recently fell into a slump of non-productivity creating distractions and excuses for my bad behaviors. I knew exactly what I should be doing but I kept finding reasons for not doing what I knew I was supposed to be doing.

I was creating brilliant excuses for my bad behaviors and making no apologies for it.

Instead of going to the gym after work I was going to happy hour, I told myself tomorrow ill catch up, but tomorrow comes and I’m going to dinner with other friends and having more drinks! The next day I’m too tired from a hectic day at work so ok going to catch a gallery opening with even more friends. On the train instead of reading my current book of writing I was playing with my PSP… Just one more level and I’ll be done but then I would want to beat my current score and there is always another level in these games.. I was constantly unlocking special features and modes that would change the gameplay…

I was slipping down a spiral and walking away from my commitments to myself. I was living a fabulous social life but at what cost? I knew what was happening but I never knew why.

Regardless of why I was able to take action and pull myself out of the slump. I drained the battery of the psp and put away the charger. ( I know the PSP will be revived one day but at least for now it’s retired… if only I could unplug the xbox)

I had to relearn the power of no. Once I got through the important and necessary things then I could say yes to everything else. I relearned how to prioritize and put everything in it’s right place.

Procrastination has no place in our lives and to execute the power of now we must excercise the power or no. I’m painting with a wide brush here because your PSP might be some sort of destructive habit or person. It could be some unhealthy codependency or practice. You need to say NO to anything that keeps you from doing what is necessary and important in the moment. There will be time in abundance for play as long as you complete your work.

Whatever it is, you must drain the battery and throw out the charger.

Start practicing the power of NO.

(A friend’s girlfriend broke up with him on the eve of valentines day and this is what I had to say. I hope neither of them read this.)


It wasn’t love

Snuck in

Under cover of a dark lonely evening

Carved its niche

Let dim lights shine

You fell

Crossing broken bridges

In search of a heart

Not learning

The last lessons of midnight horizons

night swallowed hope

Spat lackluster mornings.

It wasn’t love


2 thoughts on “The Power of No

  1. Good advice. We should all practice to say ‘no’. Too often we are so caught up in the ‘what people will say syndrome’ that we fail to follow our heart , consequently making the wrong choices.

  2. Im pleased to say as a major procrastinator myself this was great advice. I made up for it in other areas though, regarding the power to say NO that is!!

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