Your Best Life…Ever

In trying to live my best life ever I looked back at all my blog posts to see if I was following my own advice. We all know how we can have all the answers for everybody’s house while our mortgage is in default? (speaking of mortgages in these hard times- I’m deliberately trying to steer clear of political and economical commentary because I think we are all bombarded the the current state of things… So no mention of the obamas….

….ok.. I hated that white wedding cake dress on Michelle but I admire the Obamas immensely.. I think they are a bastion of wholesomeness and represent values that we can all incorporate in our lives, and they still manage to assert a level of realness and tangibility)

So it’s almost March and it’s time to revisit our New Years E:volution.

It’s time to determine if we are a in different ( better ) place than we were in 2 months ago and I am happy to say that I am.

I have accrued some Achievement points and am on my way to becoming a better version of me.

There is a saying that you can only “start where you are”, (no matter where you are).

So we are all trying to live our best lives ever right?

We can all agree that we now have clearly defined goals even of we are not sure how we are going to get there?

Have we tuned in to the Audience?

No matter how we hate our jobs hate our lives and hate our situations there is always someone who worse issues and challenges. (Though this does not diminish our own demons, its good to know that this and exercise some empathy )

It’s not the struggles that we have that defines us, Its how a deal with them and bring them to the table. The grass may look greener on the other side but at a closer look the grass may not be so green! It’s just glossed over.

It’s up to us to Stay and Cope and try to live our best life…ever.

First we have to be thankful for what he we have. Be sure to extract the simple positives in your life no matter how big or small. We must celebrate the positive thing in our lives, pause and then work on what we need to. The hardest thing is to know.

Sixty Five

Tell me grandmother,

How it feels to cultivate such love,

To weave such an intricate loom

That stands firm

With its face against the sands of time


Tell me what it was like

When you first laid eyes on Daisy.

Was it love at first sight?

Second glance?

We ache to hear your stories.

We stand here, the fruits of the fruits of this love



Hoping that we too get 65 years

To pay homage to this love

Where do we begin

To model your behaviors,

Show your brand of devotion,

Leave a mark on this world

That compares to the legacy you have revealed?

When we dive inside our hearts

We find fractions of your boundless affection

Can only speak whispers of the love that you shout

A love so powerful it echos across the Blue Mountains

and the Himalayas

Many nights have turned to dawn

While we wonder if there was love left in this world

But here your unconditional love is revealed

Your union rises before us brighter than the morning sun

Rips through us like a thousand hurricanes,

leaving a devastating trail of hope,

for my generation, and generations to come

This dark world is illuminated

Here we stand looking at love.

Grandmother. Grandfather

Thank you for showing me a love that lasts forever.


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