Strength and Humility


Dwennimmen is a symbol from the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa. It is also one of my 8 Tattoos.

It translates to mean “ram’s horns”. The ram is seen as a very powerful and strong animal with graceful and magnificent horns. ( Makes a tasty curry dish too)

A ram will fight fiercely and relentlessly but will humble himself to the slaughter. The ram shows us that outside of his brute force, he still possesses a level of integrity in his heart.

This is indicative that even the strongest of us at some point must be humble. For me, Dwennimmen symbolizes  balance that we all need in our lives, the Yin and the Yang if you will.

Strength in mind, body, and soul is a virtue that we must all cultivate and nurture. Strength is necessary for survival in this tough world. What can be sometimes more important that just mere strength is the actual courage to deal with all the situations that life throws at us. It is through all these trials and tribulations that  we all find our place in the world.

We need strength to endure so much that we deem unnecessary and unimportant in our lives, but we must accept that everything is a process.

We need strength and tolerance just to make it through each and every day, and face so many trials and tribulations hour after hour. Sometimes we need strength just to get out of bed and face the things that we must confront every day. In every facet of our lives wether we realise it or not, we are charging those magnificent horns and flexing our muscles.

We must never forget that we also need to humble. This is a wisdom that we learn through time, patience and practice. We must learn to filter our strengths through the right channels. Sometimes we can get better results with our hearts.

My Heart

Be careful with my heart

It is neither fragile

Nor fickle

Just newly open

Newborn dove

Not seeing the new world,

Sensing meandering currents

The floor is red

Blood drips from my fingertips

I remove the fortress

That prevents you from knocking

I know you are tired,

Weary even

Winded, weathered

By the loneliness

A world devoid of hope

A sky devoid of deities

Jaded heart

Parading in the museum of your sadness,

Tread gingerly

With an open mind


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