I live in New York I enjoy living here. I enjoy the summer, fall and especially spring because the winter months can become bitter cold and brutal. I don’t mind winter at all but the experience is different when everything moves indoors. I’ve really learned to appreciate the great outdoors in the summertime.

Whether it’s cycling, tennis, free outdoor concerts or just walking outside in a tank top, you savor the summer days because they are so fleeting. You know it wont last forever. When I lived in Jamaica every was the same and if you didn’t go to the park today there was always tomorrow. In new York you better go to the park today because it’s going to be 40 degrees and snowy tomorrow!

Do we appreciate things less when they are in too much abundance? The answer is yes,

Do we take things for granted and as a given until they are taken away? The answer is yes

Do we not know the value of things until they cease to exist? The answer is yes.

Look at your own lives and think of the great things that are given to you everyday and you take for granted.

What if you wake up tomorrow and it’s no longer there? You will end up missing it and regret that you didn’t enjoy and appreciate it more when it was around.

Learn to appreciate the good things and the good souls in your lives.

Find the value and celebrate the small things that work in your favor.

Everyday we must try to acknowledge the good things because they are everywhere around us. Do not forget about the small things.

Think of a few things that you can appreciate today. having a job in this economy? Having good friends and family? How about the fact that you actually woke up today? You made it through another day?

Follow this principle and everyday will be a good day.


Amid fickle emotions

I move through the autumn of my life

I stop,


carry on.

Echoes of a scorching summer,


then fade to sinister shades of grey

I hang by the thread of serenity

Felt only at springtime

I wrap myself around October breezes

Wear the hours like weathered coats.

The wind kisses my face,

I gather mementos of disappearing colours

With a revelation, pregnant with purpose

I dive upwards and outwards

Black roses scurry through my veins

I prepare for the winter of my life

Beyond scarlet boundaries

I paint myself a pastel world

Loose hues that selfishly intertwine,

Bleeding into angelic whites

Where a newer spring awaits

(Be sure to read my friend Bertette’s Blog sebiart She is a gift artist, photographer and philosopher and is blogging about her creative life’s journey)


2 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. “wear the hours like weathered coats” – that resonated deeply because when one goes thru enough paradigm shifts as have I in the past months, time begins to feel that way. But one does shed the old tattered things eventually, allowing the skin to feel light, breeze, or new touches promising new hopes. “Beyond the scarlet boundaries, I paint myself a pastel world” . Lovely Kevin.

  2. Well said Kevin.
    This is a reminder to all of us to be appreciative of everything
    both great and small.
    This reminds me of a line from a poem i taught my third graders,
    ‘What is this life, If full of care,
    we have no time to stand and stare?’

    Kevin your writing skills are truly remarkable. I thoroughly
    enjoy your beautiful thoughts.I am inspired.

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