Simplify and Declutter

Spring is in the air and its almost time for spring cleaning. Spring signifies a welcome change in the weather and a time to get rid of all the clutter and baggage from the winter.

We all spend a day, weekend whatever it takes to air out the couch, pack up the cashmere sweaters, put our mink coats in storage (fa ux- mink and faux firs for the less fortunate). Cleaning up is a task whether easy or hard and its something that makes us feel lighter.

Its almost like a physical cleansing and we all feel good after.

Some of us are pack-rats and refuse to throw away anything. Things accumulate really quickly and if we don’t learn to keep only the things that have some sort of value, be it sentimental or otherwise, we can quickly be overwhelmed with a truckload of “things”. It can be a task to determine what is IMPORTANT to us and we must keep, and equally as hard to LET THINGS GO.

That is a personal decision that only we can make, and it can be interesting to go through our “stuff” and walk back through memory lane. Even if we throw nothing out it feels good to take a mental inventory of what we have in our possession and im sure you will find something that you just dont need!

Cutting back on useless things like magazine subscriptions you don’t read, TV ( especially that dreadful Tivo that has no place in my life), repetitive tasks that can process themselves (eg bill payment- automate your bills already!…still recieving paper bills? shame on you!) , Excessive email (unsubscribe from those mailing lists and eliminate the time you take to delete them)

These are all examples of time bandits and I’m sure you can find more.

(Remember that I seek not to deep dive but to provoke thought)

How about a spring cleaning of the mind? The soul? Ridding ourselves of excess baggage (not just bags)? Simplifying our lives and cutting through all the unnecessary things, people and feelings? Taking a spiritual enema to rid ourselves of the emotional toxins (so that might not have been the most visually pleasing analogy but I think you get the picture)

So how to we begin this process?

The first step in any cleansing is to figure out what matters to you the most. Once you determine this, the rest is easy. Everything either matters to you or it doesn’t (simple enough right?)

The next step is to figure out your goals (which you should have already if you’re following my blog) then everything else either ties into this or not….if it doesn’t then its time to say goodbye.

Next is to find your own rhythm, balance and method. Formulate your process and remain focused and make a commitment to yourself. Keep your routines simple. Focus on the effort that you make and success will be a by-product of your energies.

Once you get to the point where you have simplified both physically and emotionally, the onus is on you not to re-accumulate! Only then will you be free from the bondage of clutter! I have found that spending a little time with my inner self creates a peaceful simplicity rather than a chaotic confusion. This could be time spent meditating, getting to know yourself, journaling (or blogging) or giving back.

Sometimes you have to lose yourself in something else to find yourself. However you choose do it, working on your inner self is worth the time, and what better opportunity do we have once we have simplified and decluttered?

The Meeting (for Sally)

Let us meet when the clock strikes purple

Serve our creations in a grand buffet

Your poems intoxicate me

Faster than merlot

You eat my verses,


Give birth to images

Picasso would envy.

Let us be moved by swan songs

Distilled to potions

Reminisce on memories

Traverse the catacombs of our minds,

Where bone and ink dance in tandem

With resilience that amphitheatres mimic

And earthquakes aspire to have

Let us recite our lives,

Spill our guts

The beauty of our pain is exposed

The ebullience of turpentine kisses shines

At the horizon of our union

And the end of an era

We will drink to phonics

Craft moronic sentences

That mesh more seamlessly that gears

Crumble silently against our souls

We will shout for the things that dare not whisper

And whisper sweet nothings in utopia’s ear


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