There are a few lesson to be learned about control,choice and accountability. There are simply some things that we just no matter how much we try to, we cannot control.

We cannot control how people react. We certainly can’t control the weather and we cannot control a myriad of decisions that simply just aren’t our choice. We just have to accept these outcomes.

The key is to discern when things are out of our hands and when we have control in the results. It is sometimes hard to accept and take responsibility for unfavorable results. How many time have you said ” If only I had…..”

Some thing we just have to accept.

It is a blessing to be a child because a lot of the choices and decisions are made for us by our parents and teachers. We simply just have to be! As an adult things are not so easy. Every step we take we have to make our own decisions and eventually have to deal with the consequences, which hopefully are favorable. It is in this way we have control of many outcomes in our lives.

What we can control is how we react and how we manage the situations that life throws at us. As a make our way through the world we are faced with so many choices and the outcome of so many things are based on the simple choices we make.

We must now take steps to make the right decision or choices to alter our destiny.

The first and foremost step is to be present in our own lives and analyze every situation no matter how big or small. (Acknowledge that small decisions can snowball into huge consequences)

We must acknowledge that we are not perfect and will sometimes make bad or not so favorable decisions. We must accept this with grace but we must learn from every situation and then move on. (besides, wouldn’t things be uninteresting if we kept making the right decisions,right? )

It is here that we learn to roll with the punches. Once the decision is made there is no turning back. The go forward is how we react. Always trust your intuition when making choices. Chances are your gut feeling and initial reaction is the right way to go.

Before you make a choice be sure to ask the relevant questions- Who what when where and especially why. Make sure you are prepared for all the possible outcomes and to own the choices that you make.

Control what you can control. Everything else, you just have to learn to manage.


I feel the pulse

a new wave,

The currents

a new day,

brush against me,

ocean brushes sky ,

twilight of our lives together


day passes into history,

thief of hearts,

I  feel the flames

unquenchable fire,

Tearing at my heart,

redefining my  life

love does not rise

but blows,


I cannot pick up the pieces

I cannot move on.

Currents rush over me

I am swept away,


lost at sea,

If I cannot be with you,

then I cannot be with me.


3 thoughts on “Control

  1. This is so true. What is very uncanny is that I have had a reflection on this same topic – last night and barely 10 minutes ago!! But – at risk of annoying some – I have realized that sometimes I never realized that God was in control and situations already worked out while I was flying about like a headless chicken trying to be in control of things!!! My own actions proving feeble and useless in the end in comparison to the final outcomes.

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