My fortune cookie at lunch today said “begin… The rest is easy”

I’m not so sure that the rest is because every task requires some level of effort but I know that starting something is sometimes the hardest step.

Is there something you wanted to start but never could quite find the time? Perhaps you don’t know how to start. Taking that first bold step is sometimes the biggest hurdle.

Everyone is full of big ideas but most ideas do not even make it out of our heads. I’ve had thought and written poems inside my head and because I failed to write the words down, they fall away and disappear forever. Maybe I’m just getting older but lately I have found it so useful to write everything down.

On the flip side, Sometimes we begin something and that’s all we do. At one point I had about 5 or 6 books that I began and never finished reading. I passed it off as a short attention span. At least I was starting the books right? Or not? Its just as bad to have a plethora of unfinished tasks.

So my challenge today is for you to start something. Start reading that book, Start that project you’ve been thinking of, or just start yoga, exercise or whatever you’ve always wanted to start but kept creating excuses

Start taking things a little more seriously because time is not an endless resource

Start something serious.

Once we get something started along comes the hard part. How do we sustain these goals? How do we maintain interest. Now we have yet another thing to pay attention to! The response to this is that if you have now started something that is important to you then continuing should not be a burden but a pleasure.

Take for instance this blog. I started writing this blog because I have thoughts and ideas that I want to share. It is something that is now important to me. I have committed to updating every week. It is not a burden but can be a challenge. It keeps me on my toes and it is now something I look forward to doing. I realize I may not always have the time but the onus is upon me to make the time. I may run out of ideas but I challenge myself to harvest ideas and seek inspiration from many sources.

I’ve made the commitment and am sticking on it. We have to commit to our goals

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Start a good habit today.

We all come, they say

Through tunnels,

across bridges
Over mountain tops and vast oceans

We come here
Walk these city streets
Through the hours

Different journeys
Bring us to the same stop

Uprooting every stone
Grabbing for purchase
for places to belong
Settling for less

than we deserve

Our eyes tell stories
Show the pain of our
Forefathers forefathers
Dreading to suffer their fate

The rights of our births
Fall to dust when we leave
Still we justify
reasons for leaving

Sometimes longing
For feelings of home
We grow cold and tired
Turn left where there is no road.


6 thoughts on “Begin

  1. It is so difficult to focus on just on thing nowadays.with trying to make ends meet,taking care of family and simply existing ,it is important to set aside time to complete unfinished projects.

  2. Interesting juliet…maybe my next post will be called “balancing act” how wear many hats effectively!!

    1. this is my favorite of the poems on your page. i like how the narrator captures the perception surrounding immigration and the narrator allows the immigrant bodies such as their eyes to tell a story.

  3. So true. I remember at my graduation (a thousand years ago) the then president of Harvard (name escapes me now) was the keynote speaker – and quite literally to this day the clearest bit of advice she gave that i’ve never forgotten (or thought i never forgot until you just reminded me!) is: to successfully complete anything, just invest 5 minutes. At every stage of any project, from the start to the end – the moments when you are overwhelmed by the mere size of the task, the time it will take, how exhausted you are, etc etc et al, just commit yourself to 5 mins. Invariably it will extend to a satisfactory amount of productive time, and more likely to completion. 🙂

    Thanks again for the positivity.

  4. Ive pledged to complete something that i started 14 years ago. Im not gonna elaborate but lets just say that it will require me to get stronger mentally and physically! Wish me luck!

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