Emotional Intelligence

Everything in life is about balance. We must balance our friendships with our personal relationships. We must find a balance between work and play. We must balance our checkbooks  (or not) and we must balance our temperament and how we present ourselves to the world.

We sometimes struggle to find balance in things. We struggle to find a place for everything under the sun and sometimes to find our very own space in the this vast space.

How do we strike a balance and find our own niche..our own rhythm of life? How do we find methods to the everyday madness?

You must first be present and accepting of what life may bring. Once we have simplified our lives and cleaned out our emotional closet, its time for us to evolve and increase our emotional IQ.

Our emotional intelligence represents an ability to validly reason with emotions and to use emotions to enhance thought.

Let us dissect the term.

emotion refers to a feeling state that conveys information about relationships. For example, happiness is a feeling state that also conveys information about relationships — typically, that one would like to join with others. Similarly, fear is a feeling state that corresponds to a relationship — the urge to flee others.

intelligence refers to the capacity to reason validly about information

Emotional intelligence refers to an ability to recognize the meanings of emotion and their relationships, and to reason and problem-solve on the basis of them. Emotional intelligence is involved in the capacity to perceive emotions, assimilate emotion-related feelings, understand the information of those emotions, and manage them.

So the four key points to consider are as follows:

  • Accurately perceive emotions in oneself and others
  • Use emotions to facilitate thinking
  • Understand emotional meanings
  • Manage emotions

To be emotionally intelligent one must cultivate the ability to better perceive emotions. Once we can identify the thoughts and feelings that emerge we must then use them in thought, understand their meanings, and manage these emotions.

The highly emotionally intelligent person tends to be more open to the flow of information and more agreeable

The higher our emotional intelligence the less likely we are to engage in problem behaviors, and avoid self-destructive, negative behaviors ( which I don’t have to outline here)

The higher Emotionally Intelligent person is more likely to have positive social interactions and the higher degree of aspirations and goals.

Ultimately we will learn to better adapt to the vicissitudes of life and strike a balance between the yin and the yang. We will eventually learn to be more comfortable, even in the face of uncertainty.

Cultivate your emotional intelligence!


You are outstretched

My fingers find your hand

lips find mine

For a moment I feel your heart

You let go

while still holding me close

Bathed in half-light

beauty shines through

warm in this cocoon

Last nights loneliness

Discards blossoms

Lies naked and cold

Opens up

conceives murmurs

Thank you Juliet for inspiration to write this piece


One thought on “Emotional Intelligence

  1. I am impressed to know that I inspired this piece.I am even more impressed with your evolution,your insight into everyday life and things taken for granted is just superb!!

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