Adjust Your Status

As intelligent organisms in the universe, a part of the reason we have survived this long is our ability to adapt to situations. Whether you believe in the theory of evolution or not, the evidence is quite clear.

We can all share our personal testimonies on how a adapt to external forces whether it’s for our own self preservation or to just simply be comfortable on this journey

Though difficult at times the serenity prayer says we must accept the things we cannot change. In doing so,we must adapt to the external ( and internal ) forces around ( and within ) us.

A new job, a new relationship, this new economy, loss, triumphs, tribulations and the weather are just a few of the things we cannot essentially control and must adapt to.

Sometimes we are thrown under the wheels of a bus and have no choice and must think on our feet. Other times we can be systematic, analytical and methodical about this.

Being open and receptive helps us to be more aware of our environment and evolve accordingly. I’ve stated ad nauseam that we have to remain present in our lives. This seems to be a recurring theme an I think that is my new mantra! Yes! Be present in your life!

We must be still with the forces of nature. We have to sit with everything and analyze all the stimuli that flow towards us.

I remember learning in biology class about the chameleon that is coloured to blend in with it’s environment. I learned that this is a survival tactic that camouflages the animal allowing it to blend in and remain safe from predators. There are lessons to be learned in this!

I have a (tiny) tattoo on my arm of a chameleon and it represent my ability or at least my tenacity to adapt to change. I strive to become a wizard at turning lives lemons into cool lemonade.

Our lesson today is to be open ad receptive to change. We live in a dynamic world where change is inevitable! Let us learn to evolve and adapt to every situation that life may bring.

Into the night
Is where I tread
Below webs
Where land meets sea

Paradise hides
Between palm trees

If freedom in this land
Is indeed free
Then I am a bird
Perched atop Poinciana trees

I am lost amid maples
In cold February
Miles from the bosom
Of the Caribbean sea
Fluttering and coiled
On makeshift rooftops


3 thoughts on “Adjust Your Status

  1. It is so relevant now more than ever, that we adjust our lifestyle to our circumstances.Here in Jamaica we are now faced with a new expense:Gas tax.We therefore have to plan our routes beforehand and eliminate unnecessory driving.

  2. In times like these we really need to “Adjust Our Status” . Hence a very relevant topic.
    In Jamaica everything has changed .We even have our own airplane hijacker. Please note i am not talking about Iraq.
    As of Monday we will have “Gas Tax” plus numerous price hikes. We have to accept the things we cannot change and have the courage to change the things we can.
    I only hope the Lord will give us the wisdom to know the difference between the two.
    Thank you for an insightful piece. I love the poem too.

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