There is nothing quite like the feeling of returning home from a long trip or a long day at work. No matter how fantastic a journey you’ve had or how great a day you had outside it is always a pleasure to return home.

Let us analyze what home means to you.

Hope is your center. Your place of rest. It is where you regain your equilibrium. Where you can calibrate and evaluate yourself. Where you can rest and recuperate

Home is a place of familiar territory. Your comfort zone where you can be yourself.

It is important to have a familiar place where you are safe from the spoils of the world. As human beings it is important for us to have a safe haven where we can be at be at rest.

Your task today is to make sure that home is indeed your center and safe haven where you reflect an meditate on the things that matter to your life.

So we know the value and importance of having a physical home so let us evaluate our emotional home. The center where we see comfortable and at peace within ourselves. We must find a place where we can have that center. That balance.

I recently wrote a piece on what Jamaica means to me and I thought it would be appropriate to share it here since Jamaica is my original home!

♥What Jamaica means to me♥

As a native Jamaican born and raised, Jamaica means everything that the word home represents. As a son of it’s soil my attachment and loyalty runs as deep as the vast oceans. While it is always natural to love the place of your birth, my attachment and loyal to Jamaica is not as simple.

I love Jamaica for all its attributes. Our flag represents the mantra ” Hardships there are but the grass is green and the sun shineth.” This sentence embodies the entire psyche of Jamaica. Jamaica represents an uncanny resilience of a society that is strong and rooted in oneness. The ability to rise above all the hardships and challenges that faces a nation is a very compelling force that I think has a lot to do with my drive and determination to succeed in life.

Jamaica represent all that is serene in nature, but at the same time rambunctious and vibrant. The society is a very colorful one and the people themselves are very diverse and rich in culture. Our well know ambassador Bob Marley has placed us on the world map along with our exceptional athletes. We have shown the global community that though we are a small nation, we can stand strong beside giants and excel tremendously.

This invokes a sense of pride and a strong feeling of community and a sense of belonging to something that is intense, strong and cohesive. Something that the word home represents to the fullest extent of the word.

Diaspora Children (Part 2)

We seek new buildings
New outlets in which to plug
Try to find a connection
Look into eyes
That reflect our own

We must belong
Without apology
Or permission
Make this house
Our home

We spread our wings
escaping from barrels
Walking gingerly
Through snow
Ignoring the sweat of our brows

Years past
We hang by threads
Escaping the slip
Circumnavigating the slope

And when the hours
Turn into years
We still remember
From where we came
After years of longing
For the feeling of home

(This is part 2 of one of my 10 submissions to the small axe literary poetry competition  access it here Small Axe Small Axe represents a caribbean platform for criticism. Part 1 of Diaspora Children can be read at the end of my blog post begin)


One thought on “Home

  1. I saw the article below and thought it would fit in with your blog.

    Journal of Law and Society, Vol. 29, pp. 580-610, 2002

    ‘Home’ is not an easy concept to pin down. Although the term is instantly familiar, and the physical reality of home is an important and omnipresent feature of our everyday lives, the legal conception of home has received surprisingly little attention. The relative neglect of home is particularly striking, however, in light of the substantial body of research which has been carried out on the subject of home in other disciplines. This article discusses the meanings of home which have evolved from interdisciplinary research. It is argued that this research could provide a starting point for the development of a more clearly articulated socio-legal understanding of the meaning and value of home to occupiers. It is suggested that a legal concept of the meaning of home would be useful, for instance, when considering the conflict of interests between the occupiers of a property ‘as a home’, and other parties with ‘non-home’ interests in the property, for example, creditors. This article seeks to identify some of the values of home which might inform a legal concept of home, and so be ‘weighed in the balance’ on the occupier’s side when decisions involving conflicts between home interests and commercial interests are considered.

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