Fighting the Good Fight

Everyone likes to win.

We tend to sometimes fight for some things that we believe to be right, fight battles that we can never win and end up wasting our energies in the long run. We must learn to identify the thin line between being assertively confident versus being arrogant. It is not a good reputation to be known as a complainer or someone that is most disagreeable.

How do we know or learn when to take the path of the pacifist without feeling that we have surrendered too easily. How do we know the difference?

The difference is to know how and when to choose our battles. If we practice to choose our battles wisely, then we will eventually win the few battle that we fight, when we fight the good fight.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but with a little insight we can save ourselves a lot of heartbreak and disappointment.

There are many examples that can be cited of battles that are not worth fighting in the workplace. There are many situations in which we must humble ourselves for the greater good of self preservation and keeping the peace. Sometimes we know we are right but must step back and surrender the power.

As moral beings we must always stand for something. There are things that are absolutely non-negotiable that we must fight and stand up for regardless of the consequences.

Next we must decide what is truly important to us and worth fighting or arguing for.

Some things are simple too inconsequential and trivial to argue for or about. Sometimes we are angry about a bigger issue and become agitated over the little things. Remain focused and try to not be overwhelmed. Confront all your issues as they arise lest they snowball into something big and creep into our daily interactions, clouding our judgment and causing greater harm.

We must decide what is best in the spirit of peacefulness and preservation of healthy relationships

We must prioritize the important issues in our lives and our interaction with others. We all share a space and must respect each others’ zone. Strike a balance between being un-selfish while preserving ones sense of self

Sometimes you gain respect in being the “bigger person.” You will find that confrontations disappear and you are able to reach a better compromises in future disagreements. You can then handle conflicts in more adult and amicable way.

Earn the reputation of a problem solver.

Exhibit great listening skills.

This makes a difference. You can actually learn how to coerce people by listening to thier opinions, paraphrasing it back to them, demonstrating an understanding of their point of view, and then suggesting your alternative. They will be more open and probably succumb to your ideas.

Choose your battles wisely.

Where Wild Things Exist

Seed, bud, flower

I watched you grow

Chose to love you

Pave pathways

Some for you not to follow

Life forgives

we breathe

Under bleeding skies

flourish where wild things

struggle to exist

Another year passes

I share your joys

Celebrate every triumph

Though you yearn

To walk alongside giants

You manage

To outshine other beautiful things

As you  sit with your hunger

You are not alone

I walk beside you

Wings on my feet

Waiting for you to let me in


3 thoughts on “Fighting the Good Fight

  1. Your wisdom is remarkable…as is your ability to put your thoughts into such beautiful writing! Wonderful!


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