Plan Ahead

I have always told myself that I function better under pressure. I was of the impression that I produce my best work when I am approaching a deadline or facing some sort of ultimatum.

I have a project to finish and tell myself that I will start tomorrow or closer to the deadline so I can be focused on the task and pour all my attention into it. I will get so much done in that short space of time because all my attention will concentrated.

I’ve grown to realize that these are some of the classic excuses for procrastination. The end result is that you ultimately produce and meet your deadline and you feel a sense of relief for actually producing. You think you are amazing and are so proud of your work.

The truth is that you probably only sufficiently provided enough to get by. Enough to satisfy the requirements and to meet that deadline.

You will never know how much better you could have done because you never gave yourself enough time and allowed the process to take its true and complete form.

Surely in today’s world of multitasking and prioritizing there is never enough time for everything that we have to get done. There are events meetings, obligations to meet, deadlines,contracts (along with the myriad distractions) and a whole slew of things that exist only to occupy our time. If we are not planful of our time we become consumed and morph into slaves to the grind.

The better way is to plan and make time to complete all your tasks outside of a deadline! When there is no pressure to see the finish line your thoughts flow a little more clearly. You are nor pressed for time and have taken away one of your stressors.

Being planful is EVERYTHING!

You have to make time to do the things you love. Take time out to breathe. If you plan the things that you “have to” or “need to ” do in a more systematic way, then you are creating more time to do the things you “want to do!”

Here is a recent personal example:

I had to skip tennis because I needed to study, but had I been planning out my study time table before hand in a systematic way, I would have had more than enough time to continue playing tennis and do a host of other things that I love during that tumultuous time!

There are things you must do but what about the things you would rather do? How about taking one day out of life to do “you”!

Planning ahead is the key.

We used to complain about text messaging and how impersonal they are but now all we get are twitter and facebook updates to the masses.  Now you long for a text message because it’s at least more ” personal” than a mass twitter update! Funny how tables turn. Things are changing so fast. The world is tweeting by and we never ever take time out to stop and smell the roses on the wayside.

So plan ahead. Do not put things off under the disguise that there is enough time. The time is always now. Budget your time wisely.

Use this extra time that you have now created to guiltlessly do the thing that you want and love to do.

We do not always have to be  in a rush

Why are we rushing and passing life by!


One thought on “Plan Ahead

  1. Thank you for prompting me to reflect on my planning habits! I vow to improve, and anticipate the luxury of extra time to spend as I choose. (This is one of my plans!)

    Peace and harmony to you!

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