Will you Lead or Follow?

Life occasional (sometimes more often that not) throws us curve balls. Unexpected things happen. This is the nature of the dynamic world we live in and nothing is ever certain.

We wake up to a new day to successes, failures, surprises, disappointments, achievements and triumphs. Most things occur at random like the toss of a coin. We rest our heads at night and say “today was a good day” or “today wasn’t so great but tomorrow will be better”.

It is always good to have an optimistic point of view.

As adults every day we make decisions.The outcome of our day sometimes depends on the choices that we make.

There are some things we still can control.

We still have a choice in what we choose or how we choose to react to the vicissitudes of life.

We sometimes look to others for answers and sometimes others seek our advice. Most of the time we are on our own and act independently despite external influences.

Leaders have a vision communicate it well and inspire others to act towards the vision.

Followers sit back and wait for someone else to emerge with a plan and then simply fall in line. They go through the motions of life. They exist but really do not live.

You can tell from a group of school children who is the ring leader who sets the rules and comes up with ideas. There are the kids that just follow the group doing everything they require and never making a suggestion even if they think it.

Some leaders are born and others are made.

Now is your opportunity to make yourself into the strong leader that you have within.

Learn to make smart educated decisions and take more control of your life. You will find a lot lot of pleasure and satisfaction knowing that you have placed yourself on the good path that you now follow.

I remember the soccer league in college that fell through because of bad planning. The soccer players then decided to create their ow league and called it GUADIY which stood for Get Up And Do It Yourself. This acronym stuck with me and every time I am disappointed because of something someone else didn’t do I realize that I should just GUADIY

Stop existing and start living.

Get up and do it yourself.

Will you lead or will you follow?

Here is a rhyme I created:

Rinse and Repeat

So I’m in your arms again

If only for a while

So we’re lying here again

Content and beguiled

So I feel absolved again

But only for this while

So I leave distraught again

Lonely like a child

So I must go through this again

Forgetting the last time

The hills and peaks appear again

So gearing up, I climb

I love and then I hate again

Where will it settle this time

The end is the beginning again

Where will it rest this time

Settle to dust or rise again

A phoenix in its prime

Will I rinse and repeat again

Peaks and valleys sublime

Or set your cold heart loose again

Next victim in its time


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