What shapes and frames you?

I  viewed some pictures recently and determined that some pictures appear boring without a frame. Frames can add so much more character and attitude to a bland photo. A frame serves to accentuate without overpowering the desired effect of the photo, the same way than an accent alters the sound of a word.

In the same way there are things that shape and frame our being. Things that help define who and what we are

Things we say, do and represent are all a part of our personalities. Our convictions and what drives or motivates us.

How we respond to the external forces that we cannot control but all can manage. Our set of values and principles that we live by and follow. Our ego.

So what defines you?

What do you represent and are know for?

We must be mindful of our thoughts and actions because they indeed define us.

We must be mindful of the space we share with each other and how we respect the place and space we ( and others) live in because that defines us as well.

We must be sure to give back in our own small way because that also helps to define us.

Every thing we say, everything we do tells the world who we are and what we stand for.

Are you happy with the image that you put out there or are there a few opportunities you have ( we all have them) that we know we should start to change?

A picture is worth a thousand words but what of the frame?

What good is a pretty picture without a good frame?

What good are we without a strong foundation – terra firms on which to plant our feet on today’s shaky ground.

What frames you?

Space Invader

I stand

Noisy metal bullet

Not quite standing clear

Using novels as graves

Shutting out chaos

Circumnavigating sadness

Mechanical voices announce

Stops I have previously had

Here I stand

Waiting in the cold


Anticipating your warm

More iron walls constrict

Fathom by fathom

Before giving birth to me

My head breaks open

Mimicking my heart


One thought on “What shapes and frames you?

  1. Very thoughtful writing. Reminds me of Rose Frantzen, an artist from Maquoketa, IA, who sometimes incorporates her painting and her frame into one piece of art, with beautiful results.
    Peace to you!

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