Embracing Change

Times change and nothing ever stays the same. This is the age of change. Obama has used the word as the signature for his campaign at it seems to have worked. He brought change to the forefront and everyone bought it in the hopes that change will do us good.

Change however is not a word or a phenomenon that stands on its own. Change is synonymous with hope because we welcome Change in the Hope for a better tomorrow.

The state of the dynamic world that we live in is one that shifts, bends and stretches hopefully for a greater good.

There are many factors that invoke change. Sometimes it takes elements of fear for us to change our behaviors. Perhaps we come to the realization that the way things are cannot continue lest we progress down a slippery slope to a bitter end. Maybe we have exhausted all our avenues and feel the strong desire to try something new. Could it be that we have finally realized that we must all help each other through this difficult course called life and decide that for our goals to come to fruition, some things must change?

Whatever the reason, we can all agree that change is inevitable.

I tend to find remarkable things in phenomenon that others may label as mundane or basic. A change that I have noticed over the past few months that I find fascinating is the advent of the reusable “green” bags at the grocery store ( I know this may seem simple but its something that I find unusually fascinating.) I for one, cynic that I am, never thought this would ever catch on. I thought it would be seen as some sort of uppity fad. Green bag carriers are just  modern versions of some sort of hippie yuppie or buppie movement.

Lo and behold green bags are everywhere (yes I now carry an empty one around in case I purchase something…I see it as my small contribution to save out ailing planet from the scourge of plastic bags)

Whatever the reasons the behavior has changed as all behaviors can.

Change can be for better or for worse but we all want positive change and to be better at the things we either fail at or aren’t as successful as we hoped to be.

We can all change something about us … What we do how we think, our approach and attitude to life… any small thing can tip the iceberg to a greater paradigm shift.

In our journey to live our best life ever, strive to “be the change you want to see in the world”  (quoting Ghandi), starting NOW.


3 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. I like the thoughts, in particular being the change.
    I see this as related to one of your other posts “will you lead or will you follow?”. Sometimes it is also too easy to simply follow the latest fad or trend which may be simply considered changing.

  2. This comes at a time when I,m considering some change of my own.I,m going to change shop and was a bit hesitant,but as you said what,s change without hope!

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