Excess baggage

I have always been adverse to traveling with a lot of luggage. My mantra has always been “pack light” and only carry the things that you know you will definitely need. Too many times I have returned from trips with items that I did not use. Nothing is more annoying that having to carry along “stuff” that you never use. It becomes a burden in the end and you promise yourself to travel lighter next time..

In the same way, we need to shed other forms of baggage whether emotional, physical, virtual baggage to make our journey more bearable. There is no much more peace in the “quiet” and excess baggage just seem like cacophonous noise.

To travel light we have to separate our wants from our needs. Determining who and what we cannot live without makes for a simpler more bearable life.

Pick your battles wisely and fight the good fight because unnecessary battles create baggage.

Surround yourself with persons that make you feel good about yourself and are honest even brutally. Rude and obnoxious persons are vexations to the spirit an become baggage

At work we must learn how to lighten our load either by delegating tasks or augmenting our productivity skills. This is a part of working smarter and not necessarily harder.

Being more organized in every aspect of our lives allows us to simplify and declutter making our paths clearer and much more enlightening.

Shed your excess baggage today.

For You

In the grand and noisy scheme of things

Here we are at long and labored last

I know not how or even why

I just know our time has come to past

Was I the wind upon your mask?

For which you already turned the other cheek

Was I a threat to all the things

You built that wall so as not to seek?

This was not my wish. It wasn’t my plan

Everything unfolded beyond control

I wasn’t trying to touch your heart

It was only your hand that I was trying to hold

And though our time has come to past

Our journey has taken me to a familiar place

And if I stumbled, choked or fell

I have caught myself with a quiet grace

And to your fragile sense of self

Learn a lesson and learn it well

I am the wind upon your face

I see it now ………….and I live to tell


4 thoughts on “Excess baggage

  1. Nuff said!
    Couldn’t agree more.
    How can I anonymously send this blog to my coworker who seems hellbent on taking her personal drama to the office and unleashing it on us?

  2. Excellent commentary. Could this one be inspired by a recent trip. I’ve been doing some house cleaning and my load is much lighter by shedding the clutter and burden of negative people out of my life. Very inspirational words. I will certaily pack light for an upcomming trip.

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