Overcoming Resistance

Life is a journey. It seems more like an obstacle course sometimes… overcoming resistance, getting through tasks, meeting, deadlines, fulfilling contracts and the list continues ad nauseum. There are so many rules and regulations we live by but we this is how we maintain order in the world.

Life is sometimes about making this world a place where we want to live and at other times learning to adapt to the place that already exists. Though it is made up of some of both more often than not we seek to fit in with the way things are rather than going against the grain. This is usually the path of least resistance.

Suffice it to say there is still resistance along this path and in learning to adapt we must overcome resistance.

I am one who believe that obstacles exist to be overcome and if we can’t seem to scale the fence we learn to be comfortable staying where we are. The only other choice is to simply cease to exist and here that is not an option. Before we accept defeat we must exhaust all avenues. If we haven’t tried we have failed before we have even begun.

This is my advice for the young at heart:

Being stagnant and inflexible in an ever changing world is not an option. Our fundamental  beliefs and values must remain constant lest we become redundant, powerless and utterly irrelevant. It is important that we continue to adapt, learn, grow and develop with the place in which we must live. We must work against resistances in order to learn grow and evolve by adapting to situations and circumstances.

No one has declared that this world is just. Most persons will not agree or even care about your opinions and politics. You will encounter selfish and crude persons on your journey. The good news is that we do not need the affirmation of the masses to exist. Our lives go on regardless. The sooner we adjust our attitudes the better off we will be be. As long as what we do does not threaten anyone else’s existence, we are doing no wrong. Start to exist the way you want to be.

Remember that your actions still define you, more so than your words. What you do tells the world who you are and what you stand for. Stand up for what you believe in. Have your own set of convictions regardless of everything outside you. I believe that every human being is fundamentally “good”.

“Follow your heart” and instincts and you can never go wrong even if you are going against the grain.  Think and act outside the box just a little more. It is okay to be a little bit uncomfortable because life is not defined as easy street.

Never forget that this is your life.

Cinnamon Sky

We walked into a cinnamon sky

That once was blue

Pregnant with clouds that never gave birth

The river runs of its own purpose



Sea turtles

Give little resistance

Paint the foundation of noisy hills and valleys

Forward hard

Until the calm

Nature’s serenity engulfs us like a séance of peace

We drift to and fro

Knowing not how deep we run.

How high we will have to climb

Instead forces us to exist afloat

Streamlined in the moment.


One thought on “Overcoming Resistance

  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you have said here. So many people get stuck on how they want things be or get upset because things in their world change. It’s all about the journey and not the ends.

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