Life is NOT an Emergency

I had the opportunity to slow time for a week and it allowed me to reflect on how consumed we can be with our own happenings that we never “stop to smell the roses

Slowing down we learn to focus on one task at a time therein enjoying more of the simple pleasures life has to offer.

By being mindful of how we spend our time, the same way we should money how we spend our money getting the value that we should.

This week I you enjoyed my food more, friends and family more, and found a new appreciation for my existence. I felt as though I was savoring my life as the clock slowly ticked by. My focus was on the present.

I learned to put space between things rather than have everything cascade in cacophonous succession. I was able to gather my thoughts and streamline my plans.

The “Do less” rule helped manage my schedule so that I see where I always have time to complete each task. I didn’t schedule things close together — instead I left room between things on my schedule. That gave me a more relaxed schedule, and left space in case one task takes longer than I planned.

I then took on the mindset of “everything in it’s time”.

I learned that “Life is not an emergency”


I am letting you go
Far as the moon
I sleep alone
I turn around
knowing this love
Will not unravel

Old as mountains
Through my eyes
under cover
Star-lit skies
Out there
Past the threshold
Of a blue horizon
Near this version of heaven
I wrap myself
In the warmth
Remembering your smile
Feel your breath
Like the sun on my skin

For you return


6 thoughts on “Life is NOT an Emergency

  1. What you wrote is so true. Many people are afraid to try this because they feel that slowing down is a bad thing. A thing to be avoided. I find that when you slow down you actually get more done. You have more energy and clearer vision. Try as we might, we can’t multi-task like our computers can.

  2. Kiemie..I know Its hard to practice what you preach but i’l ltry this time..cilla…3 day weekend!! can I get a job where you work?

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