Living a Life of your Own Design

Everything in life is a choice. If you look left and then turn right, you have chosen the path that you take. Even by not choosing you have already made a choice to be still.

The sooner you realize that you have control of your destiny is the better off you will be.

You have chosen so far to still be here. You have chosen to read this blog. You have chosen to be conscious and present in your life.

Sometimes you have to make bad choices to learn some of life’s lessons. These choices have already been made and you cannot change the past. You can however make a choice for a better future.

At this time in my life I am choosing to celebrate the life of my grandmother Daisy May Robinson who made so many choices in her life. Living for 91 wondrous years  was truly a gift and she spent those years in grace.

She has taught us many lessons without trying. She exemplified the meaning of unconditional love and sacrifice. She lead a life of her own design. I cannot recall a moment of unhappiness for her and there were no regrets. She was happy down to her last breath. I am choosing to embody the richness of her example and live a life of my own design. There are challenges but the sun always shines after a storm.

So what will we choose and how will we look back at our lives in our final hour?

How will we be remembered? The choice is ours.

Praise song for Daisy Robinson

We swim through difficult waters
choose, instead
To celebrate your life
wrap our hearts
Around the harvest of your blessings
Glow in the memory
Of the love you
Have shown us.

Your legacy swells
Stretches in front of us
We all spill forth
From the burrows of your existence
througout these lands
Live on
As pieces of you.

In leaving this earth
You have given us more life
every breath we breathe
Every thought
Every kind and gentle daisy
Sings your praise song

This is how we remember you
A star that burns holes
through any dark night
Shining brighter
than a thousand suns.

While you wait
In fields of happiness
We too are waiting
To join hands with you again
In the meantime
We sleep
Peacefully at night
Knowing we now have
another angel
Watching over us.


2 thoughts on “Living a Life of your Own Design

  1. Your Grandmother Daisy was a special lady!
    I feel like I know her through your discriptive composition. The poem is beautiful…she must be smiling down on you, and all of us! Treasure the memories.

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