Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Most things lasts for a season but some things last for seasons on end. As the end of summer draws near, we change gears and look towards different milestones and assess the ones that we have or haven’t met over the last season. Summer is a time of fun relaxation and vacations. As Labor Day comes and goes and fall arrives unannounced, we see the lazy hazy days of summer wane and we are forced to recalibrate our journey.

For some of us like myself it is back to school and managing work and school while other activities wind down and take a back seat or are ejected. For others it is back on the career path looking towards the end of year. You may have your eyes set on your year end bonus and henceforth set a plan in motion towards that goal.

In the three months left in 2009 how can we achieve our yearly goal? Are we on track to be where we thought we would be?

In spring time we cleaned out our closets and simplified our lives. Unfortunately summer has a way of sailing by and once again our closets are full to the brim.

It’s time for some fall cleaning.

It is time for a temperature check on the things that matter in our lives. We sometimes view life in a cyclic way. The seasons come and go and when summer comes around next year we are back to where we were the summer before. It’s time to view things in a linear and continuous way. Next summer is a year from now…not just summertime again!

Every season must build on the its predecessor.

If you are at the same place you were last fall you have not grown. You are living a cyclic life and are going through the motions. If this is your situation then look at what you can do differently this fall to “spring” yourself forward.

You must try not to “fall” back.

If you do not propel yourself forward you will find yourself in this same place next labour day. Start now, from wherever you are.


She blossoms

Fragile flower

Stigma and style

Delicately intertwined

She blooms

Unique and bold

Outwards stretch

Poetry is her motion

Her body

Keeps her prisoner

She lives

Inside her Judas

She leaps inwards

As swiftly as she sprung

Fortune fades

Mother Nature

Showers her with shame

What was beauty

Is a new version

Of the emperors new clothes

She cannot walk

Wants to run


From her very skin

We watch in shock

Cringe in awe

Wish we could all

Make ourselves

Instead we all live

With what fate has bestowed

Must live

In sympathy

Cast the first stone



2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in the Fall

  1. This is exactly where I’m at: assessing all the shifts of the past season, tallying up the gains and trying to toss the losses. It’s not easy work, esp when the ‘getting here’ was so emotionally and kinetically both exhilarating and exhausting.

    It’s interesting how we can ‘spring’ forward yet the opportunity is always there to ‘fall’ back. I’m watching the pendulum closely.

    Thanks again for another great one. I love that I come to your blog just when I need to and I get fed some good stuff from it. Bless.

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