Let Your Dim Light Shine

I challenged a friend to decide what he wanted to do in life. This was a similar case to something a blogged about with another friend a few months ago in “find your bliss”

He eventually figured out what he was good at but thought he wasn’t that good at it. I then said to him even though the light is dim it can still shine. I thought about how important it is for each of us to play up our strengths, brandish them and let even our dimmest light shine through.

We must first believe in ourselves before anyone else can. Think of yourself as a product or a brand. You need to become marketable because even if your product is not the best on the market, it still offers a value and can be successful. In everything we do there is a certain level of competition and to rise to the top its sometimes about the PR.

How do you make yourself attractive?

How do you sell yourself?

How then do you measure success?

“The secret to success is constancy to purpose.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

Most of us want to be successful—and by definition, success is not about how much money you have or make or how popular you are.

Success is about having a sense of meaning or purpose to your life and what you do. Success is being proud of achieving your objectives no matter how big or small. Everyone wants to do something worthwhile that they can be proud of and that makes a difference in not only their own lives, but can influence and help others.

“We often get so caught up in becoming who we want to be, that we miss out on being those people right now”.

We get so focused on striving to get things done,that we forget to simply enjoy that purpose that matters so much. We approach every tasks like a race to be finished…. and upon completion we then move on to the next task. (While I am a firm believer of “getting things done”, I also believe in getting things done for a purpose otherwise we are just going through the motions)

We think we are successful because we have been there or done that. That is not success unless we can extract a purpose to what we have done and not only to wear our achievements as a badge.

Be careful not move closer through achievements, while  moving further away in passion.

Striving doesn’t have to mean disconnecting from your bliss. At all times, be sure to do what you love and love what you do.

Therein lies SUCCESS in ALL that you do.

You can absolutely reach your goals by consistently doing the necessary things that will get you there, but your purpose doesn’t need to be something you reach……It can be something you feel and enjoy right now.

Let Your Dim Light Shine.

Alone at last

My alter ego

Stepped outside of my ego

Stared at me in shame

Walked away

I ate his dust

Neither of us felt desire

No parting gifts

No need to say goodbye

I came to terms

With what it means

To finally be free

Now all I can be

Is me.


2 thoughts on “Let Your Dim Light Shine

  1. I love this post! Expecially the part about the light shining on a potential talent. I have a few btu I’m not sure which one to exploit. So much to think about…

  2. I love this post Kevin.

    Too often we lack direction in our lives even though we are gifted with

    many talents.

    You have given us a lot to think about.

    I really look forward to your posts.

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