New Beginnings

Reviewing you personal growth and setting new goals for 2010 is a  mixed bag of emotions for all. There will always be positive take-aways and successes but there are also regrets and disappointments

One of my personal regrets is not juggling the many hats I chose to wear last year quite as well as I know I could have. The result is that some things suffered while others flourished. Knowing that  without all my distractions and paraphernalia I would’ve been trending  at a better place provides good hindsight and ammunition for me to do things better next time around. Fortunately my output though not optimum, was not  mediocre.

Measuring tangible things is the easy part but not everything is cut and dry and “measurable on a quantitative scale. Things like the quality of our friendships and relationships, how we give back to humanity and
cultivate our own sense of meaning and purpose are not so easily measurable, and vary according to our standards.

Though starting afresh for a new year can be a bit cliche, at least it marks milestones and new beginning for most. Although most resolutions  go out the window as quickly as they come, I am sticking to the evolution  theory that I created last New Year.

This year I have evolved into a better version of me but there is room  for much improvement and strengthening of the positives. If we have  gotten good how then do we get to great …….. if  we are great how do we get to fantastic.. And after fantastic then  sublime ( after sublime you wil be a demi-god so let us focus on getting from good to great!)

What will be different this year. Now more than ever we must revisit the stop start continue theory.

What do you new to stop doing?
What do you think you should start doing?
What are you doing now that you must continue doing?

This reflection sums up all our strengths failures aspirations and dreams … Everything that follows is on our journey to become better versions of ourselves.. An upgrade of our operating system. at this point we are at version 2.0. What enhancements do we need to make for our new iteration? What bugs must we iron out before we present the upgrade to the world.

How will we become better versions of ourselves?

A New Year

Curtains fall
To pomp and fanfare
Life remains
Magnificent or tragic
From yesteryear
Decorate the now
Snow kisses treetops

Only numbers change

The warrior within
Slay demons

Before they tiptoe
through wormholes

Beauty sleeps here
Waiting for exposure
Shower new soils
With tears from the past

And bloom


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