Negative Space

In retail negative space is an empty fixture or cabinet sometimes a
space on the sales floor that can be maximized with a table or a
mannequin something that is not impactful enough and is a missed

So too in out lives negative space exists. Time spent doing
nonconstructivethings, people that do not bring much value to our
lives, distractions that can render our time unproductive,
Under-utilization of resources are just a few things that take away
from realizing our true potential.

There will always be negative and positive space. This is the balance
of nature. In our quest for a balanced life it seems that when one
issue is solved, another one crawls out of the woodwork like
some sort of samsaric curse.

I have learnt that you can reduce (not eliminate) some of the issues
by creating a p0sitive space that fosters growth and creativity.

Our addictions are also something that can steal time and productivity
from us and to get things done we must seek out the positive space and
fill in the negative ones

Fill your space with positive, productive optimistic persons
that can help you find light through darkness in symbiotic

Every hour of the day can be productive of we fill it appropriately.

I will be filling in the negative space with positively everything.


You eventually learn
To stop new wounds
That bleed through old ones
Your mouth cannot speak
Save to cry out.
The silent voices
Cannot be ignored
These new tremors
Spread through the earth

You will also learn
That you were never alone
cannot be set apart
While blood runs through you
And spills into the narrow streets
Of port au prince

We witness new murders
in an old morgue
Ask erzulie no questions
To save yourselves
From a hollow reply
Duvalier and Les tonton macoud
Pale in comparison
But are not forgiven
As toussant shivers
In a cold grave

Threads still bind our wrists
To Africa
Our independent road maps
Lead backwards
To the same ships
The wars we fight
Will never be won
The common cry
Is for our mortal souls

When the dust settles
Over the hills of Ayiti
Among flesh and bones
You are a people
Ravaged by destruction

You will learn
To rise like a Phoenix
Soar above a bold carbbean sea
Cry the beloved country
As the world cries with you.


2 thoughts on “Negative Space

  1. yet again another good post, and again, well timed.

    striking the balance is our life’s work, but it’s hard to know how to keep negative influences at bay, particularly when they reside in people we love, or who need us, or in spaces that have old associations that anchor us in a paralytic stupor.

    i find something as simple as good time management and clarity of purpose seem give courage and support the deeper resolve to live quietly and positively – helps to keep time where it should be, focused on development and creativity.

    The wait was worth it. Thanks.

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