Closing Doors

On the NYC Subway before the train moves, the conductor announces “stand clear the closing doors.” This is done as a disclaimer. In the event of an accident occurring due to the “closing doors” they the MTA is not liable because the passenger has been warned.

In our lives there are many closed and closing doors, and as on the subway, we must learn to stand clear. I recently had a few doors close in my face. Instead of wallowing in self pity I saw the opportunity to explore other avenues and open new doors that I would normally not have not seen. It is then that I started to believe the old saying that “when one door is closed many more will open” (Thank you Bob Marley) and that “every disappointment is for a good

Many more will indeed open but it is up to us to seek out the opportunities that lie in wait. We cannot sit back and wait for opportunities to present themselves like magic. I have formed a habit of anticipating a worst case scenario. As a result, I formulate a plan to combat it’s occurrence and to be in a position to make decisions instead of being caught at a standstill.

The key is to brainstorm and look at your options. Being proactive instead of reactive always lessens the pressures of adversity. Look at the what Ifs and the maybes. Indeed, planning s everything but when plans fail, you cannot be caught out there back at square one.

Old talk never lies. We have all heard to hope for the best but expect the worse. Practicing this philosophy can only lessen the blows of an undesirable situation and equip you to move on seamlessly.

(A prose poem )

I love you.

Plain and simple. There are no reasons, causes or effects.

I just do.

It comes as easily as it is to breathe I do not long for you when you are gone. I take this time to cultivate everything that is me.

It makes me a better man and nourishes my personality so I can better complement you.

I hardly ever say these words Because I know that you know. When I do tell you that I love you, it means so much more like a rare flower in a desert.

I will not buy you a dozen red roses. They will wilt and die, and their beauty and fragrance will diminish over time.

I won’t buy you diamonds because they too do not last forever and you cannot carry such things beyond the grave.

Instead I will give you my devotion. My admiration and adoration will stay with you in the bosom of your soul.

I love you.


5 thoughts on “Closing Doors

  1. Truer words have not been spoken.
    I was just thinking about you. When i opened my e-mail and read your post , my heart was gladdened. I said to myself this young man has matured into a real philosopher. You have the right perspective on life.
    Continue to practice what you preach and you will never go wrong.
    Very perceptive article.

  2. Always ALWAYS at the right time Kevin. 🙂

    I had one mega door SLAM in my face this week. And, I bawled. For about 20 minutes. Then, I slammed the door right back and moved on. It took real conscious effort but it I’m now starting my days with even more zest and energy than I did before the incident. What am I saying? The SLAM woke me up and energized my proactive efforts to knock, open up, or kick down new doors and my soul and life almost immediately felt better for it, and the results of this were instantly evident.

    I don’t necessarily agree to forge forward expecting the worse. That can mire one’s energy in thinking of solutions to problems that have yet to exist – and thus risking the attraction of such. Being prepared for alternative paths while expecting the best feels easier to maintain.

    “Being proactive instead of reactive always lessens the pressures of adversity” – really good one from you Kevin, and really true. I need to start quoting you on my blog. 🙂 Stop by there when you get a minute.

    Much Light,

  3. Thank you’re and inspiration to me also..I live for your anecdotes and love to hear about your journey through this thing called…life

  4. “Being proactive instead of reactive always lessens the pressures of adversity”

    Wow. Your timing is impeccable! I needed this.

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