Every day is a gift we receive first thing in the morning. We awake to
the freshness and newness of every morning. This is where our daily
habits begin, both good and bad ( and sometimes ugly)

Scientifically it takes 21 days to form a habit. Logically it follows
that it should take equally as long to wean ourselves from such
entrenched behaviors

It’s easy to conjure the bad habits that we have just by simply going
through our day chronologically.

..unhealthy breakfast, (skipping breakfast altogether), checking
unnecessary email causing us to be late, too many cups of coffee to
stay awake and alert all day, creating excuses to miss our deadlines,
skipping the gym to go for drinks with the boys..again… Not checking
in and calling our loved ones because we’re too busy… The list goes

To live a productive life we have to not only plan our good habits and
stick to them until they become routine; we have to eliminate the bad

Planning a healthy diet and exercise regimen, spending time on the
things that enrich our lives, investing time in the people that need
and value our input… These are just a few good habits. We can all
tailor a list that is relevant to our lives for enrichment.

None of us are perfect, but if we can just make some minor adjustments
to our routine, we will eventually reap the benefits of more balance
in our lives


The dancer becomes
The eternal dance
tiptoes across the clouds
Roars through the atmoshere
Crashes into every star

Every permutation of heaven
Receives you with grace
Plumes rise across the firmaments
In a grand plié

Kumina and Maypole dancers
Can finally complete the circle
With grace and celestial fanfare
On heavens eternal stage

Whenever thunder roars
We know it is you
Gyrating to the call
Of a thousand congo drums

Your disciples will dance
Til they too can join
In heavens great parade

Every dip, pop and turn
mento, gerreh benta, bruckins
Pay homage
To the Kumina king
We need not speak your name
We dance in your memory


2 thoughts on “Habits

  1. Kevin,
    Your last sentence says it all, and says it so well! Life is all about balance! Please continue to make us reflect where we are, where we are going…and how we can get the most out of each precious day! Thank you! Also, the poem is beautiful!

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