Quiet Time

Time after time, we return to our own personal reality. Outside of all the cleverly disguised distractions, we are suddenly brought back to earth and our existence. This happens within our own quiet time.

Outside of being undone by the ephemeral things that happen in our day to day lives, the quiet moments that we share with ourselves help us understand who we, why we are here and how to cope with external stimuli.

To get there we must learn to shut out all the noises that surround us even if it means being a little selfish for a moment. These quiet moment are like deep stares into a mirror: a mirror that reveals more that what we would like to see – the lines in our faces and all the signs that show that we are winded and weathered by the outside. Deeper still is what lies behind the physical.

What moves us?

What drives us?

It is when we can look beyond what we see and explore the depths of our existence that we begin to understand who we are. We begin to extract meaning and purpose to our lives. The true test is being alone with ourselves without all the noise. The tv, the telephone…. another soul?

Can we stand inside ourselves for a moment and just be? Can we even stand to be with ourselves?

This quiet time and in this space that we create for ourselves can only be personally defined.  This can be through meditation, writing, running any activity of no activity at all. This is our solace where we remind ourselves that we are here. This is where we figure out what we are going to make of our opportunities; where we realize that we are not our circumstances.; where we plan ahead

Quiet time and quiet space are very important and we must carve out this essential space for ourselves.

Mother Of Us All

You climbed mountains
Traversed valleys
Crossed oceans
Just to give us life

You ooze such great love
Unconditional and superior
When we try to spin your web
And fail
We turn to you for answers

At times
We did not understand this love
Took for granted it’s nature
Now, we measure every affectation Against this gauge

It must be difficult
To unleashed us
We Understand your desire
To shield us from this world

We feed from your strengths
Share in all your triumphs
Cry when you cry
Follow your lead
Hear your voice
On every rung of life’s great ladder

If we had to choose
We would still choose you
Celebrate you at every at step
Return to the bosom of your love
Time after time


One thought on “Quiet Time

  1. Indeed. The time and space you speak of is the only real place of cleansing and renewal, and though this is true for us all and -I dare presume to think- understood by us all, I find it remarkable that it is either required or regarded by the ‘self’ and others as a selfish space and act! As such, there is often some sort of guilt attached, often followed by extraneous explanations for its necessity. And this I think, is what makes it so difficult for most to find or create ‘quiet time’. Tsk. So thanks for the reminder of its absolute importance; hopefully it will serve as an additional nudge to do this without apology or reserve.

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