The Ball Is Round

World cup football was phenomenal this year…filled with drama, camaraderie, turmoil, conflict, pain pleasure, superstition and a plethora of emotions. My Face book and twitter feeds were fraught with updates opinions philosophies and never have I seen a group of people coming together to celebrate a sport, all in the name of competition and valor. I went through internal conflict trying to decide whether to watch football or Wimbledon when both events collided.

There were many lessons to be learned from the games..Political, social and otherwise. While I could go into the psychology of the vuvuzelas,  my biggest lesson came from one that I had heard several times and years before in the form of the simplest phrase….

“The Ball is Round”

What this essentially means is since the ball is round, it can move anywhere in any direction at any point in time. A game, regardless of skill set, can move in any direction and the best team does not always win.

So too are the paths that we take. On any give day, we wake up and go through our daily routine. When we lay our heads to bed at night and reflect on the way things progressed throughout the day, the events of the day can be totally different from what we expected that morning. Things are not always what they seem and do not happen the way we expect.

I do believe that we are creatures of free will and have some control of events in our life, we cannot know what the day or what life has in store for us..

“The Ball is Round”

Though the ball is round, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected so we can adjust to every bounce. We cannot just walk blindly onto the field and expect things to move in our direction. Preparation is everything. So is patience and perseverance. Take for instance Asomoah Gyan of Ghana…..who missed an important penalty kick that could have been game deciding. He shook it off, came back and redeemed himself with a perfect penalty shot, as if nothing happened. ( although Ghana eventually lost the game)..

Lesson learned? We make mistakes and have to move on. Life sometimes gives us second chances….

Will you be ready?

“The Ball is Round”

…..and sometimes bounces right back towards you. Sometimes we think it is…but…everything’s not lost


I woke up

Rising before the sun

Angry at sleep

Who, at first,

Would not come

Then left too soon

Like an unrequited lover

Day becomes,


Replacing owls

With cobeaux

Hungry for carrion

Satisfied with feeding

On scattered remains

Of yesterday

Trees split the sun

Broken light shines

On perfect pavements

Glare sending cracks

To virtual hiding places

I slip

Into my own skin

Fitting like a glove

Shadows now absent

I face the day

Head on

Finding my place

In the sun


4 thoughts on “The Ball Is Round

  1. I have to concur, and reiterate as I’ve said so many times – your timing is uncanny Kevin. Thanks for this, and this is my FAVOURITE poem of yours – I absolutely love it. Thanks for the guidance as always, for bring back the calm rolling attitude to the game of life.

    much sun lovin

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