Comfortable with Impermanence

Seasons don’t matter in some places because the weather remains the same all year. Here in New York you get to realize that the seasons are very significant. They affect your mode of dress, how you socialize, what you drink and eat. You alter your activities based on the seasons. (Dining al fresco is a favorite summer pastime of mine).

Summer was here but soon it will be gone and you shift into fall gear. It recently got very cold and naturally I was uncomfortable and upset with this change. I knew it was coming in the back of my mind, but in my state of denial, assumed that the summer weather would last forever. I repressed the reality of weather change and my reaction to the inevitable was negative.

So too, our lives can be seasonal. People, things and attitudes are for a season. Jobs, relationships, life situations are also for a season. When we accept the dynamic world for what it is, we cope with change  better. By accepting impermanence, we are better equipped to deal with the shifts in the paradigm.

Being in a moment you think it will last forever. 10 years later when you are in another place and time, you look back and realize how much  things have changed. You reminisce on the old times but must choose to live in the now…the new state of being.

Everything is for a season

Nothing is permanent. It is very important to sit with your impermanence. This is a part of acceptance. This is a part of being at peace with the way things are.

When moving on we are sometimes filled with so much regret.  We want to hold on and resist change. We do not want to leave our comfort zone because this is where we feel we belong and everything is easy. This, in itself, is stagnation because everything is for a season.

The advice that I always give is that you instead of thinking in terms of what you are moving away from, you must always think of what you are moving towards. We have all made the mistake of taking the quickest escape route, not analyzing where we are going.

With every change… we are becoming……….

Julian (for my godson)

A Blessing has arrived

Shaping a new future

Pulling lives together

With new forms of love

The balance has shifted.

We seek change in the world

And our own lives

To match your purity

Everything we are

Everything we do

Creates pathways

That will mold you

The bond you represent

Is full of promise.

We are now drawn together

In family

You hold the answer

As we explain your life

And find the center

That will shape our days

We will watch your first steps

Hear your first words

Listen and heed your cries

And revel in your laughter

Everything around you

Is rooted in love

We will show you

Beauty in all things

Light shines

Even through the darkest star

You are the thread

That connects us all

You are a Jewel


4 thoughts on “Comfortable with Impermanence

  1. Very good piece Kevin – just perfect for someone who likes to run away from everything from time to time. Sometimes you can also look back and see that you have not progressed very much as well!

  2. Very interesting piece as this touches a situation in my life right now. It is great to see that what I feel is so eloquently written by you. It is wonderful to be at peace with the way things are and accept new changes in life. What I thought would be – isn’t. What I thought could be – can’t be. So, I will take your advice and continue to focus on what I am moving towards. Sidenote: That is a very beuatiful poem at the end. Who is that handsome little boy in the picture. He looks like the son of a Jewel….

  3. Everything is for a season…and a reason…and if acknowledged…appeases the soul and eases our growth…into a new shape that is pleasing.

    You always post the perfect words that address the precise place I’m in. How do you do that?

    Thank goodness that so far that hasn’t changed. 😉

    Bless your jottings.

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