Normally I would apologize for not updating this blog for about four months, but one of my “evolutions” this year is ” fewer excuses” and less playing of the “blame game”.

The sooner you own up to the things that affect your life is the sooner you can achieve some positive change. Instead of saying, for example “I was so busy with work and school”, I have to be realistic and own the fact that I was neglectful in partaking in my therapeutic writing. Instead of saying I just wasn’t inspired or motivated, I have to own up to the fact that I was simply being too lazy.

To avoid the self mutilation, I am just going to move forward and start writing as if I am continuing on from where I left off.

I had developed a good habit of sharing inspirational quotes on my Facebook wall..some borrowed from others and some popping out of my head. It was somewhat of a substitute for my deeper blog posts. Abbreviated versions can be somewhat of a reminder but never a substitute. You cannot get full from an appetizer which is designed to simply whet your appetite.

Change is always good. If you keep doing the same things that you always do, you will keep getting the same results that you always get. Change doesn’t have to always be dramatic. It can be amendments or New Forms of the same things.

I am thinking of a new formats and a new approaches to my writing and a new sort of presentation just to mix things up a bit and keep things interesting. I want to be a little more structured instead of simply writing from the top of my head.

One criticism that I recently got was accusations of being third person and impersonal in my writing. However, my retort was that you do not need a microscope to dissect how deeply personal a lot of what I write is. I recognize that sometimes i can be a very cryptic but everything I write contains pieces of me…you just have to hold it up to the flame to see through it sometimes….and besides, everything cant be too obvious…right?


One thought on “Re:Birth

  1. I can definitely identify with the first part of this blog post. It’s almost as if you were present in my head when I had a similar conversation with myself :-). I however almost always choose to start anew when I desert an activity for a while. So instead of continuing to post on a blog I’ve deserted for about a year, I’ve decided to create a new one.

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