New Balls Please!

Negative thoughts can certainly grab a hold of a situation and make it it’s own.

During a tennis match in 99 degree weather against an agreeably inferior opponent, I approached the match already thinking that I was not going to survive the harsh weather conditions. My strategy was to go for broke on every point to shorten the ordeal of the elements. As hot as it was, the clouds masked the sun so I was more comfortable than I thought I would be.

My plan worked and serving for the set, the sun crept from beneath the clouds. I remember thinking that this was too much for me and I was about to melt. Long story short, I went on to lose the set and eventually the match.

I was defeated, not by my opponents play but by my own thoughts. I expected to lose and I did. This was further complicated by my contemporaries asking me after the match …what happened? Where did you go? A colleague jested that the other side of the court was not air conditioned and the playing field was level.

I should have won…..but I didn’t…

I went into the darkest corners of my mind

In hindsight I realized that a positive attitude is everything. I was so full of regret and wished for a “do over” but alas this was not a dress rehearsal.

Life is not a dress rehearsal

We are here and only get one chance.

Tennis is a mind game and so is real life. Positive thoughts go a very far way. You must have the belief in order to succeed at anything. I am marking this down as a lesson learned. I am approaching everything with positive thoughts and belief. I refuse to return to that dark corner of my mind where I am defeated before I even begin. Tell life’s umpire that I am requesting “new balls please ” to start another match and this time I’m serving aces even when the scores are not in my favour.


2 thoughts on “New Balls Please!

  1. Sadly, in life however, the other side of the net may be air conditioned. Could Jamaica really go to war with the US and expect to win. No amount of positive thought would help.
    While I am a fan of positive thought, I am also a fan of being prepared and knowing yourself.

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