Positive Intent

I want to live a peaceful life. I want to be in a state where no one can aggravate me. Aggravation happens because of how I react to outside influences.

All the negativity, that I assume and absorb, is not real. They are completely fabrications and begin in my mind, spiraling out of control.

Going forward, everything anyone tells me is done with positive intent. Nothing is meant to hurt me. Everything I hear is simply constructive feedback. I will sit with it, absorb it and use it to make myself a better person.

When you think someone is being negative you automatically assume a defensive position. You are then closed to hearing and learning from feedback. I am perfect and have no faults so how dare anyone give me feedback, right? Well, this is not the way to grow.

With everything that occurs along the pathway of our lives, the universe is trying to tell us or teach us valuable lessons. All person and all things are agents and teachers of this positive intent. When you lose something valuable, it may be the way the universe tells you this is not the right fit for you. The ancient lesson of “everything happens for a reason” is an axiom to live by.

There are lessons in everything.


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