Everything Ends

One way or another, everything ends.

The past few months were fraught with trials, tribulations, challenges but also triumphs, positive revelations and sucesses. While life happens, work, school, family, health, friendships are all tried on a daily basis. In the end we realize that whatever the outcome, we will to chip through the rubble and I see some sort of ending.

No matter how good or bad the situation is, everything is finite and simply must end.

My classmate panicked before an exam, my response to her was….one way or another, in two hours, this will all end.

I thought…..words of wisdom or a cowardly way of realising ” now you are here…and then you will be there..so let the chips fall where they may?

This all depends on your outlook because preparation is everything.

If she knew the stakes and prepared for the exam through proper study and time management, she would relax knowing that she was prepared and in two hours this will all end.

Instead she was entering underprepared, but still knowing that in two hours it will all end.

While it is true that everything ends, we must realize that we have an impact on many aspects of the ending. We do not leave everything up to the pupetmaster of fate that pulls our strings. There is comfort in realizing that any discomfort has to eventually end.

You give everything your best effort. When everything ends, regardless of the outcome, it feels better when you know that you gave it your best shot. In this is way, there are nor regrets and we move on to our next challenge.

Seek comfort knowing that everything ends, but harvest courage in knowing that you can alter your ending.


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