The Breath of Life

Births, Deaths and Marriages are not the only life changing events. Promotions, New Jobs, a big move to another city, these are all major events that can be life altering as well.

Change from within can alter your existence in ways that are so enlightening that you can fell like you are reborn. You feel that you can bury old things once and for all, and you can use some old things in new ways.

In essence, every event is still either a birth, a death, a marriage or a combination of all three.

An artist gives birth to a body of work and offers it up to the world.

You finally quit smoking or some bad, draining habit that is not lifting you in any way shape or form. This is a death.

You learn to use a latent talent while taking up a creative hobby for a new venture. This is a marriage.

New beginnings mean also new endings as you put away old and useless things in exchange for better things. This is the essence of progress.

Remember § Stop, Start, Continue § from an older post ♦(New Beginnings)♦ ? In the spring while we clean out our closets, it’s time for another SSC. What will you stop doing, start doing and continue doing along this journey to make it better?

Whale taking its first breath

When you step out into the world tomorrow how will you be pronounced? What is your prefix and what defines you? Are we seeing the same old you or better version of yourself?

Are you pregnant with purpose ready to give birth to news things and bury the old destructive things? Are you learning to use all your resources and talents together to reach your goals.

It is now Springtime. Start breathing it in.


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