Selective Filters

Selective Filters


I dropped and broke the filter on my camera lens. In replacing it I was faced with different options for filters. Isn’t life full of so many options we sometimes wonder if the ones we have chosen are the best?

In analyzing filters, the higher quality filters render cleaner crisper finished products. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, that if we see the world through the right “lens” using the right “filters” we can be far more satisfied and eliminate some of our unnecessary stresses?

It helps to adjust how we see things. When we jump to conclusions and become defensive we fail to see other points of news in situations. This is true of text messages where the context of a message can be easily misinterpreted. As a rule of thumb, although I text excessively, I choose the topics that I text about. Some things are better off said than written. I am also careful of hiding being messages in a cowardly fashion through this medium.

We must filter how we send messages.

We must filter how we receive messages.

Try to give others the benefit of the doubt. This can eliminate unnecessary stressors.the cream will always rise to the top and if the intent was malicious it will also reveal itself as such in the end. We just have to remember to be cautious in all things.

Sometimes no matter how try to disguise a stimulus some things just are not pretty. It is here we do away with our filter and look at things through a very long lens. It is here that we try to look ahead and move away from bad situations. Experience teaches us this. Still, pack your filters and use them well. As with all things, simplicity is best and this is another way that we can simplify our lives.


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