Make Yourself

Where do you look for happiness?

Is it inside or outside?

Do you seek to find happiness from internal things or the stimuli from outside of your realm of consciousness?


In our quest for the realization of who we are and to live a productive life, we should be turning our gaze inwards. In our path to an enlightened existence , the ultimate destination is to be happy inside the bodies we are assigned to. In life, you need to control the controllable, and in your life, you control what is on the inside

In our formative years we have no choice but to be dependent. This is a part of life’s great circle. We are all fortunate to be here in spite of any strenuous circumstances that we have endured. We must be grateful to everyone and everything that allowed us to be here now because the truth is that we are here now and owe it to ourselves to stay in this moment. Never forget that gratitude begets happiness and when you help others, ultimately, though you may not see it now, you are helping yourself.

As we continue to mature and recognize who we are, a part of our duty to ourselves is to be comfortable with that person and leverage our true potential to fulfill the destinies we believe are ours.

So many lessons to be be learned and so many stimuli that bend and stretch our tolerance and our faith in what we believe. In the end, we recognize the only truth has lied within us after all this time. If we keep looking outside, the truth will continue to evade us.

It is the inward gaze that opens our eyes.



All the push and encouragement from outside means nothing until we internalize it. We take all these lessons, assimilate and process and then make a decision to be who we are. We have to be responsible for who we are and recognize that we have in fact made ourselves.

In this great journey, choose to make yourself


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