In Time

In recent times I have come closer to being the creature I believe I was meant to be. I’ve also been bestowed with the knowledge and realization that we all become that person in our own time. As competitive creatures we cannot help being envious of others who we believe have discovered some sort of bliss. We go through periods of hopelessness and wonder why it is that we can’t attain a position to be envied. But alas there are always persons that would love to walk in our shoes.


There are always persons that look up to you for one reason or another

 There are always persons that recognize the value that you bring to this world.

 There are always persons that give you reasons to go on living.

 We owe it to these persons, as well as ourselves to live our best life ever.


With age comes  great wisdom ( being wise is truly a function of age and experience). As a youngster you may idolize celebrities thinking that they have a fantastic life…until you read the tabloids and recognize that their issues are both deeper and wider than yours. You then realize that it’s not such a fabulous life after all and start to appreciate the path you live on.

Your grandmothers’ clichés are always based on nothing but truth and you cannot help but stand in that truth as you grow older and wiser.

You learn to follow your instinct because only you know what is indeed right for you 

You learn that dreams are just that…dreams… but only until you set the wheels in motion 

You learn that you have to at least try because there are no fairy godmothers or free lunches 

You learn that though you came into this world alone and will leave through that same lonely door, you are not here alone


And then you learn some more….


in time.


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